About US

URLarts (Complete Digital Solution) is a dynamic, fast growing Digital Marketing conglomerates which offers an extensive range of online marketing services with its headquarters in Gurgaon, (Haryana).

The company has been serving people for last 10 years. Established in 2006, the company has expanded and ventured into new business segments. Its entry in the digital marketing industry has a specific purpose - to offer all marketing services under one umbrella. It is committed to render premium services as per the best standards. When you avail our services you wouldn’t need to approach any other agency. We provide a 360-degree solution for all your marketing needs. We are expanding and thriving due to high impact services.

  • We at URLarts (Complete Digital Solution)believe in customer delight.
  • We have teamed up and connected with the best industry talents and resources to provide you the best possible results.
  • We keep ourselves upgraded with the most recent patterns and mold to stay in front of the competition.

The credit of our success goes to our smart and efficient people who accept every challenge and provide their best performance. URLarts (Complete Digital Solution)is a group of enthusiastic and experienced experts who are determined to offer best services in the business. We thrive on the qualities of our persevering and skilled employees. They are highly competent and experienced in their fields and know what works in the market. They think out of the box and come up with innovating ideas and concepts. Our dynamic group of marketing specialist analyzes best industry practices and formulates winning strategies.

URLarts (Complete Digital Solution)believes in customer delight and ready to provide particular solution to achieve it. URLarts (Complete Digital Solution)resolved to convey high caliber and productive services to the customers. The organization is outfitted with cutting edge technology and innovation to bring about fruitful results.

Our end to end marketing services empowers brands to accomplish their business objectives. We have teamed up and connected with the best industry talents and resources to provide you the best possible results. Digital Marketing is an evolving industry; it keeps changing from time to time. We keep ourselves upgraded with the most recent patterns and mold to stay in front of the competition. We keep pace with time and keep ourselves updated with latest tools and technologies. We use advanced version software and techniques to tackle the competition head on. Apart from implementing our tried and tested strategies, we keep experimenting new and creative ideas for future innovation. Research and development is a crucial part of our philosophy.

While serving customers for many years, we have built a solid reputation in the market. We have a good number of loyal customers who praises our innovative work and timely delivery. We strive hard to live up to the expectations of our customers and uphold our reputation and values. We have experienced that providing quality products/services is the only way to acquire and retain customers in the highly competitive world. We are eager to extend our services to different parts of the business world to help people accomplish their objectives.

Our Goals

Love each project !

For us each project is different and we are diligent in providing the best quality service and productive work results. Our clients belong to a different field of work and we love interacting with some of the best people in the industry.

No copy ! All from scratch

Brainstorming with our team and starting a project from scratch. The projects that we take in are different from each other. Working with on different types give the best outcome in terms of creativity and ideas.

Everyday learning !

“one can never stop learning” we strongly keep in our mind. Staying updated with the latest trends and technology is utmost important. Our Agency is strived to use the best software and techniques for our client’s work and attain a benchmark of our own.

Our Beliefs

Having a clear vision

We have a clear vision of working and growing ahead as a team and acquiring great clients and also brand story to tell to the future. For a company to grow, having a clear vision is important. At URLarts (Complete Digital Solution)we believe in having a clear vision and aiming to work at the correct principles.


Strategy forms the core of any department in a company or a company altogether. Having a sound strategy team works well into planning and the outcome of any project will come according to what we strategize.

Work for every brand differently

For us at URLarts, every brand or project is different and we have a plan of work catered to different client and their business needs. Brand promotion involves multiple steps and we deal different brand with ideas that suits them best.

To be the best in whatever we do

Being optimistic with what we do is always been a goal and trying to acquire a good name in the industry is always a task in itself. Good performance and valuable outcome serves the meaning of being best at what we continue to do.

What we offer

A wide range of services which is totally designed for you

24/7 Support

Fast performing time

Create with magic

Attention to details

100% Responsive design

Exclusive each project

100% Security

Everyday updates

We're a social media marketing agency in Jalandhar

Social media optimization services alter you to build your whole, reach potential customers and engage existing customers. At URLarts, we focus on external furthermore as internal whole communication. Internal communications are typically ignored; but we have a tendency to perceive the importance of client as well as worker engagement with the whole. Hence our social media programs area unit centered on internal as well as external whole management.

We as humans are always looking for interesting news around us all the time. Inquisitions forms major part of our mind. But not just any piece of information becomes a news and in turn becomes viral. For example Dog biting a man is not a news but man biting a dog is definitely a news. Such kind of news that becoming viral is nowadays done through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. For more than a decade now businesses and their customers have come together at the same platform. The social media platforms have helped the business to grow and customer satisfaction is also met. Also, who doesn’t want to have an online presence? Businesses have grown their customer with the help of various social media platforms.

We have a best SMO team of skilled technical specialists, Our agency increase the possibilities of your web site to secure the highest slots on the online. Our SMO Company in Gurgaon has with success completed and delivered several comes to our shoppers on timely manner. We are associate knowledgeable company providing you SMO services. Also give you increased page views of your web site and facilitate for link building by victimisation social media sites and techniques.

King of Digital Marketing has become a well-known SMO company for our custom, innovative, successfully enforced ways & dedicated social media optimisation services that embody adding RSS feed, blogging and forums. SMO services at low price enhances your visibility of web site and believability that can be proved by high ranking in high most well established search engines & social networks and additionally permits you to get the requirements of your client.


Sometimes it’s difficult to retain customers in the long run but with digital marketing It’s just A Piece Of Cake. Use Remarketing to retain your customers through cookies on devices. We provide services that will help you retarget your customers on both mobile and on web.

Social Media Optimization helps you to:

  • Boost Online Visibility
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Drive Traffic to the website
  • Grow Brand loyalty
  • Improve Marketing Response
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve Marketing Response

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